Are you cutting off your nose to spite your face when you initiate internal cost-cutting measures?

I was invited to a local radio station to talk with the sales manager about working with her team to increase morale, productivity, and business development results. As I came into their office space in the back of the station, the sales manager rather sheepishly offered me a cup of coffee on the condition that she could find an extra cup to put my coffee in. Seems the parent company had decided that extra coffee cups, or even Styrofoam cups, were an expense they could eliminate from the daily operations of the station.

That might have seemed a good idea from headquarters located 700 miles away in Texas. But how much morale and productivity did saving $2.37 per day cost the company? Can you imagine inviting someone in your office, only to be embarrassed to tell them that the company you work for is so cheap and cares so little about you that they won’t even provide coffee cups for your guests?

Leaders, think very carefully, and then think again before initiating any “cost-saving” measures in your company. It could be that the money you save is being swallowed by the hole you’re creating in the loss of morale, attitudes and productivity of your employees.

Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face!


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