Will bookshelves become a thing of the past?

I love words – I am an English Major after all.  I am quickly learning though that the rest of the world may not share my love of the English Language.  It is hard for me to imagine that not everyone wants to sit all day and read and create new passages.  There are so many possibilities!

I tend to use more words than less and I have the hardest time on Facebook and especially Twitter because I am limited to so few characters.  I can barely get a complete thought out in 160 characters.  I am going to try to be more succinct though.  Most people these days only have the attention span for a few characters or are so busy they do not have time to read a long drawn out email or blog.  If I want people to read what I have to say, I am going to have to learn to shorten it or I am going to lose my audience. 

I thought that maybe reading was just going to become a hobby of the past and video would reign supreme.  Interestingly enough when I asked on Facebook if people would rather read a book or watch a video, the majority of my friends said read a book.  Maybe there is hope for me after all – as long as I keep it short and to the point!

What do you think?  I am curious to know!

Authored by Sheila O’Mara, Lead Fireball at Speakers With Spark