Co-Founders of Speakers With Spark

Sheila O'Mara and Susan Rider

There are many great messages in the world.   Speakers with Spark was formed by a group of individuals that wanted to make a difference.  Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  Speakers with Spark does just that!

Speakers With Spark develops customized training and inspirational presentations for a variety of different events.  SWS is home to the SPARC program which is designed to share self esteem building skills with today’s Youth.

Speakers With Spark was founded by Susan Rider and Sheila O’Mara in January of 2010.  Traveling across the country and around the world SWS has a variety of speakers spreading dynamic messages that inspire and excite audiences.  If you are ready for meaningful presentations that will facilitate positive growth and change in your group, Speakers With Spark will not disappoint.